November 28, 2008

simple moments

How great life just have to be present for every moment, i guess you don't have to have very many disappointments if you view your life one moment at a time.
I spent my afternoon with my sister's (Allison) family, her little boys Sennet and Syler were helping me knit.

November 27, 2008

Being grateful

  • life is wonderful, for no other reason
  • being present for every moment
  • truly learning...and being open
  • being of my true nature and not compromising
  • knowing the truest form of love

November 24, 2008

Soup day!!!!

Happy Monday!!! There is nothing better than homemade soup....the leeks looked so good I had to shoot..this Monday it is a Tuscan vegie soup...

November 22, 2008

ST. V's show

Wow! what a wonderful show...I got to meet some wonderful people and share my art.. I want to thank my sweet sister Jeanelle Slade for getting me involved...

November 19, 2008


"pink window"
this is my downstairs bathroom,I just covered the window acouple weeks ago, time of year i guess, warm things up abit I say...

November 17, 2008

new girl

New girl... ok ..tell me don't you feel like a new girl when you get your hair styled or colored or just cut... well this little girl (Alli) just went from moppy to mode for her photos and it shows through and alittle note to all you girls out there before getting your holiday photos done...see your stylist first!

November 13, 2008

Welcome to my should be fun, i always seem to write in my journal but this i can share with those that care. I want to thank everyone that I came in contact with last weekend at the market place magic show. It was successful and fun. here are a couple photos...