February 28, 2010

~the life...within the life....is free

~it's Sunday morning ...yes i have my work to do, edit this,call these people back, package this, finish this, email them, start that other project, dare i say the work will always be there, for it is what i love to do, my sweet little photo business....but to continue doing that ...i must continue to do the free things in life,
-see beauty
-speak kind words
you know the list could go on forever...for the life ...within my life is truely free...
have a amazing  Sunday...xo

oh ...the image is from past times.

February 26, 2010

and the winner is...

the girls helped me with the drawing  my nieces, Alli, Haddy and my daughter Sydney
congrats Maria!  just send me your address, and the print will go in the post on Monday...
have a great weekend my friends...xo

~the nearest FARAWAY place.....

sweet thoughts come with the new morning light...the spring light dancing all around us, taking moments just to sit still on the front porch and listen to the gorgeous light...it truely takes me to the nearest FARAWAY place...happy Friday!!   i will let you know the winner of the giveaway this afternoon...xo

February 24, 2010

just be...

  • a kid without a care
  • a bird on a wire
  • the wind  on my face
  • a song in my head
  • free thinking
  • been putting my new website together...slowly...and came across this image of the girls, i so relate to their emotions of free bliss,may you have a blissful day...xo

February 23, 2010

state of becoming...

life is a process of becoming, a combination of states we have to go
where people fail is that they wish to elect a state and remain in it...
this is a kind of death.
~Anais Nin

~yes i been reading, what to do with those wee hours in the evening, when in half sleep... half dream...i read, the sweet words from Anais Nin. than  i can do my art, new piece by the way, can you tell i am dreaming of spring? please dont forget about the giveaway below...xo

February 20, 2010

a sweet little giveaway...

~it's truely time for my first giveaway of the year...
this print {5x5} printed on Hahnemuhle photo rag paper...
please just post a comment and next Friday feb.26, i will post the winner...
have a wonderful weekend...xo

February 18, 2010

have your cup...of tea

how wrong it is for a women to expect the man to
build the world she wants,
rather than to create it herself.
~Anais Nin

more reading of Anais....she seems to show me more each day,
new image, working on my blanc colour sceme...
have a sweet day...xo

February 17, 2010

the perfect hour...

~the sky is blue again & i feel so much better, yes we went on a lovely walk, see more on the flicker account...

have a blue sky day...xo

February 15, 2010


~the free
exploring mind
of the
is the most
valuable thing
in the

John Steinbeck

i must agree with this statement...to see more of the Bath seris just go to myflicker account...wishing you warmth.

February 10, 2010

what colour is your world...

~mine is mulicolour...at least when it comes to staying warm....hand made by Hillary, local artist and the wool came from her own sheep, naturally dyed, just perfect for my studio floors..i just have her email address...

stay warm...xo

February 3, 2010

a little....poetry cafe...

~ little Alli  invited me to her poetry cafe, all her class mates
wrote poems, and read them outloud, it was really fun....than she had us
read some too....with camera in hand...i documented every child, and was asked to
put together a mini poetry book....so sweet, you will see that soon,
have a sunny day...xo

February 2, 2010

inspired by...

Virginia Woolf...once again... reading her diary and loving every line, some kind of connection,
that inspires to look further and open more doors and see more of life...
here is a link...if you care to know more of this women