December 31, 2008

listen within

"nothing is beter for a man than to be without anything, having no asceticism, no theory, no practice. When he is without everything, he is with everything."

December 30, 2008


Yesterday...was bitter old (23 year old) cat Clyde passed...he truly needed to go..we made coments like dead cat walking..he just didn't give's to clyde my noble man! now the house consists of just girls...scary.

December 29, 2008

christmas eve day...'s been quite a week...busy with my business right up to the start of the holiday , I was certainly ready for some fun and relaxation with my family , we all went to this indoor water park.. had a blast..these are just some of the photos taken...I hope everyone had a good holiday and ready to move into this most exciting next year..

December 23, 2008

Photo Laureates publication

Dear beth,

The editorial team of Photography Laureates has conducted a detailed examination of the best photographs submitted to us in the last months. We have decided to publish in an Anthology the very best photographers and the most exceptional pictures we have encountered.

We would like to congratulate you for being selected for publication as part of our highly acclaimed Photography Anthology. As such, you are a finalist for the $6500 prize. As a Laureate and talented photographer, you now have access to several networking opportunities aimed at exposing you to the photography community.

Your photograph was selected out of hundreds of competing entries and you will be published along with other talented photographers.

Your photograph, french tulips, was selected for its light mix and general composition...

french tulips

.. and will be published in our acclaimed "Best Of 2008 Photography"
, Deluxe, 8.5" X 11", Hard bound, 300 pages Special Edition anthology.


french tulips

beth: This special edition will feature You as a Photographer with Your Biography

December 21, 2008

warm trip to red lodge

I had a wedding to shoot in red lodge, a holiday wedding...(she had a most beautiful
red wedding dress) very simple..the kicker was she wanted all the shots
to be outdoors in the problem (i love snow shots with
mountains) it was -7 degrees.... i will post some of the shots after
the editing process....long story short I loved the hour long
drive..very peaceful. Enjoy the motion..

December 18, 2008

December 17, 2008


"It is in this solitude that we discover that being is more important than having, and that we are worth more than
the result of our efforts."

December 16, 2008

"winter garden"

"its been quite cold, in the minus marks for about three days...but it truly is beautiful, something about the cold silence that warms my heart....

December 14, 2008

small winter film

This is a most beauiful film ...shot in slovakia and hungary on a vintage super 8 camera by jenny zarins... dreamy jewel of a film..I love by member of bellowhead( sam sweeney)..enjoy

December 13, 2008

Family portrait

...this is the family....
from right to left... Sydney(my sweet daughter)
Poppy, Ruby, me and Lacy.
Thanks to my sister Nelle and her two daughters
Haddy & Alli for shooting and assisting...

December 9, 2008

jack & boy

oh my what a great shoot....if there are children and dogs involved I have it made....they are living in the present worries, no stresses, .......truly we have just present time to live so Live....stop and feel the cold on your checks and pay mind to all the other living creatures out there.....

December 8, 2008

Creative will

"My faithful reading has brought me to the moment of writing about my reading...kinda sick..oh well we are all so beautiful but also whacked...a little from one of my favorites...Anais Nin..her passion opens me..."All my life I have talked about the was often misunderstood as cultist, excluding non artists and uncreative people, but this was not so. I love non artists as well, but for me the artist simply means one who can transform ordinary life into a beautiful creation with his craft. But I did not mean creation in life, of a child, a garden, a house, a dress. I was referring to all aspects. Not only the actual products of art, but the faculty for healing,consoling, raising the level of life, transforming it by our own efforts. I was talking about the creative will..."

December 1, 2008

This is just one of the reason's I do what I awareness of life comes in small packages...