December 21, 2008

warm trip to red lodge

I had a wedding to shoot in red lodge, a holiday wedding...(she had a most beautiful
red wedding dress) very simple..the kicker was she wanted all the shots
to be outdoors in the problem (i love snow shots with
mountains) it was -7 degrees.... i will post some of the shots after
the editing process....long story short I loved the hour long
drive..very peaceful. Enjoy the motion..

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Daniel Sullivan Photography said...

Beth, I can't get the video to work (not your fault) but hello! You shouldn't be making a video while driving in the snow! That's what your assitant is for! What fun, though. I can't wait to see the shots! I had a wedding last weekend and the bride wanted outdoor shots. Not a problem for me, but when the temp is -8 and your wearing a strapless dress in the shade, well you get the picture (click). Merry Christmas!