February 24, 2010

just be...

  • a kid without a care
  • a bird on a wire
  • the wind  on my face
  • a song in my head
  • free thinking
  • been putting my new website together...slowly...and came across this image of the girls, i so relate to their emotions of free bliss,may you have a blissful day...xo


Temps perdu said...

Thank you so much for stopping by my blog, and for leaving a comment. Because now I found you! You have beautiful images, stunning pictures.

Paloma said...

lovely !!!

CrowNology said...

Lovely space you have here...Full and beautiful!
Thank you for following the flickHERist Blog. If you have a Flickr account we'd love to have your photos added to the group. The links are on our blog...Perhaps your lovely work could be featured one day?
Have a wonderful day,

Beverly said...

so sweet.

Aron said...

The contrast in this photo is so great!