March 29, 2009

Depot show...part one

day one went great...I love being in this building for a show, its the old train depot, they use it for many venues, I have photographed many wedding's stunning. this is just my little setup for my work, I just bring in my old windows to hang my work... table... my old chair and computer with tons of brochures and note cards...oh and don't forget some flowers...more to come tomorrow...Have a great Sunday !!!


A Cuban In London said...

I wish you luck with your exhibition. It sounds exciting.

Many thanks.

Greetings from London.

Tara said...

gorgeous gorgeous!! Hope the rest of the weekend went well!! ;)

Country Girl said...

Oh, how beautiful. I hope it all went well. How exciting to see!

Susan said...

good luck as well from all of us ! what a lovely location for a show.