August 25, 2010

~in the garden....phlox

~the phlox have covered my garden...keeping it full of joy and celebration, even as i feel the new season in my soul...xo


Isabella Cake said...

Wow. That is just heavenly! Thanks for sharing this soothing photo. I've never seen any flower in the neighborhood that is blooming lately because of the extreme hot weather and thunderstorms. It is really a relaxing view to see this photo. Thanks for sharing.

Rose Forever said...

I agree with Isabella. It is so nice to see these kinds of flowers blooming every time to look out of your bedroom window every morning! It will surely start your day great! You will never really know what nature has in store for you.

melanie panda said...

That one is really amazing! Looking at your photos makes me feel relaxed and stress free. I really want to some plants like that in my garden. Are these long growing plants?