April 13, 2010

something new and exciting....

~went to the plant nursery this am...since it was raining, oh yea...i work outdoors, they had a new job for me today!! asked me to do some of the many design jobs sitting in the box...OMG...lots of specs...



soil type

house style

style of garden



plant types


bloom time

to name a few...

it was so fun doing the drawings, i really thought i was more of a( do it as i go girl), you know that intuition thing, six sense that i rely on now. Well when i got home , I  wanted to feed the brain a little more and found this landscaping program smart draw   Wow!!yes easily entertained ...and amazed by how life gives you so much...happy days even when it rains....xo


The Gladdest Of Glad said...

Well since you are the Garden girl I may be coming to you for questions! :))) Did i mention I love your blog?

CrowNology said...

Cool post.
As an ex Kitchen and Bath designer I know all about the specs!!! But oh I loved it! Too bad the pay was was terrible and I was working for "the man"...I'd do it know under my own terms...Perhaps you can sideline...

Maria said...

Sounds like fun. I am a contridiction, my left and right brain fight all the time for control - lol. I start with a plan in mind (not necessarily drawn out) but then feel my way through, instead of saying they argue maybe they are working very cooperatively together for the greater good ;-). Looking forward to checking out that link you gave us.