January 14, 2009


Life is full of so many great things....opportinitys, or should I say intersections, having a choice in the direction we want to go, but not knowing the result, the uncertain result is what makes it so great!!
I have finished my health and wellness books, from the library of my naturopathic doc's office, and needed to start something new. Back to my favorite Anais Nin....In favor of the sensitive man and other essays. I read On Truth and Reality last night.
I must quote

{As a women I was fully aware that it was my personal world which was the source of my strength and my psychic energy. The creation of a perfect personal world was the root of my inspiration. So women is concerned with not losing this center, which she knows the value of. Just as the deep-sea diver carries a tank of oxygen, we have to carry the kernel of our individual growth with us into the world in order to withstand the pressures, the shattering pressures of outer experiences. But I never lost sight of their interdependence, and now I find in Dr. Rank the following statement: "Whatever we achieve inwardly will change outer reality."}


Elaine Dale said...

Wow, love your work - you capture light beautifully. I found your site via Chronicles of a Country Girl - isn't Kate's site great?! Hope you'll stop by to see mine.
Good night from Canada.

olivia said...

Hi there ... another visitor from Kate's site (and from Canada too -- hi Elaine!). Your photos are wonderful ... from the subjects you chose to the framing and exposure! Lovely ... :-)

A Cuban In London said...

I fully agree with you, le jarden. It's sometimes very hard to know which road to go down on and most of the time, we, humans, would like to know the outcome beforehand. Thanks.

Greetings from London.