January 28, 2009

its snowing again, just slightly, well maybe not...it looks like hail, my Lacy just got into a match box and so I just finished picking up about 200 matches on the kitchen floor..hey!
my mind has been on the left side...Taxes...after living on my studio floor with a thousand receipt's and a calulator...the process is over and the Taxes are done....now back to some real work.


Country Girl said...

Good for you with the taxes and all. Something I can't wrap my mind around. Wish I could, but it's impossible. I hate numbers!

Beautiful fern. Love the soothing background color.

shara said...

I haven't even started on taxes. you are waaay ahead of me.

A Cuban In London said...

Well done re your taxes and the picture is a beauty. I love its simplicity.

Tara said...

Oh goodness, you just reminded me, we need to start on my husband's taxes! we sit on the floor in piles of receipts as well...takes hours!! I feel the pain!

have a wondeful day!