January 18, 2009


first it was an idea,
it has evolved into a dream
now it is exciting to just think about
now it is more comfortable;
a job to do
a new skill to practice
a place to be alone
it is a way of centering
an hour
a week
a month
are unimportant here
the only matter of importance
is the task at hand
all the time is present time...


Country Girl said...

I'm just a little confused.

shara said...

"the task at hand"... I like it. And I love the photo. You are so talented.

Maria said...

can't read this, it comes up a jumble of symbols?

Maria said...

I've tried from diff. computers, can you repost this or e-mail it to me, I get just a bit of it on my blogger dashboard, would love to hear the rest.
Thank you

lejardengirl said...

i will send it to your email, it's just my thoughts on how I deal with my everyday creativeness.