January 5, 2009

today I will share my daily reasons for true joy in my life

  • good health
  • loving relationships
  • Sydney(my sweet daughter)
  • to be intouch with nature
  • the support of my family
  • a satisfying career
  • an adequate income when many people have none
  • Change- to keep me in check with my mind and soul
  • a warm and secure place to live
  • the comfort and loyalty of pets
  • good neighbors
  • freedom- truly to be of my true nature, inward and out.


onesilentwinter said...

a lovely list of wonderful things!

Country Girl said...

Hello. I came via Willow's blog to see your interview and am so entranced by your photography.

And this post.

Simply beautiful.

in another lifetime said...

Such a gorgeous photo and lovely sentiment, thank you for sharing. Thank you for comment today as well.